Timothy Hyde to edit JAE issue on CRISIS

Associate Professor Timothy Hyde will be the guest editor of an issue of the Journal of Architectural Education on the theme of Crisis. The issue will assemble a collection of research, propositions, and opinions that illuminate in new ways the relation between architecture, modernity, and crisis.

From the call for submissions:

“If crisis is in fact the consummate experience of modernity, then design, as an anticipatory discipline, is surely implicated. At a moment when the experience of crisis is felt to be fully enclosing, when to be modern is to be not just ‘in crisis’ but inside crisis, what are the salient characteristics of design practices? What are the obligations and opportunities, the possibilities and impossibilities that confront the architect, the landscape architect, the urban designer? What, finally, is the value of aesthetic modes of experience in historical situations that are, like the present, enclosed by crisis?”