DRG soars at 2014 Cevisama

Floating overhead like a giant pair of wings at the 2014 Cevisama exhibition is a ceramic structure created by the GSD Design Robotics Group as the centerpiece of this year’s international ceramics show in Valencia, Spain. Sponsored by the Valencia Trade Fair Association and ASCER in an exhibit that showcases the innovations of architecture and design students, the sculptural model is a mock-up of a structural ceramic and concrete shell system being developed in collaboration with the Institute for Structural Design at TU Graz, Austria.

The structure’s large stoneware elements enclose channels that form a perpendicular network of connecting fiber concrete ribs. Ribs and tiles create a composite ultra-strength surface.

Members of the DRG team included Martin Bechthold (co-director of the Doctor of Design Program and director of the GSD‘s Technology Platform), Leire Asensio Villoria (Lecturer in Architecture and Landscape Architecture) and Felix Raspall (DDes candidate). Stefano Andreani (MDesS ’13), Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez (MDesS ’13), Amanda Lee (MDesS) and Kevin Hinz (MArch I) also contributed, with Andreas Trummer representing TU Graz.

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