Neil Brenner announces new publication

Neil Brenner (professor of urban theory and director of the Urban Theory Lab) has just published a new edited volume, Implosions/Explosions: Towards a Study of Planetary Urbanization (Berlin: Jovis, 2014).  Through classic and contemporary essays, including one by Nikos Katsikis (DDes candidate ‘14), the book explores the various theoretical, epistemological and political implications of Henri Lefebvre’s claim that “society has been completely urbanized.”

The collection lays the foundations for the current research program of the Urban Theory Lab. It assembles a series of analytical and cartographic interventions that go beyond the traditional dichotomies of urban/rural, town/country, city/hinterland, local/global and society/nature to investigate the uneven implosions and explosions of capitalist urbanization across places, regions, territories, continents and oceans, up to the planetary scale.

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