Eve Blau speaks in Berlin

Eve Blau (adjunct professor of the history of urban form) spoke in Berlin at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt symposium City, Religion, Capitalism: Turning Points of Civilization, which featured the world premier of three films directed by Alexander Kluge. The event was presented in cooperation with the Alfred Herrhausen Society, the LSE Cities Theatrum Mundi project and Development Company for Television Program.

Blau was a respondent in the open forum “The Principle of the City” with Richard Sennett (visiting professor in urban planning and design), Alexander Kluge, David Chipperfield, and Bernd Scherer. Three GSD PhD students, Peter Christensen (’14), Mariana Mogilevich (’12) and Nick Smith (’15), also participated in the 3-day interdisciplinary workshop.

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Forum photo © Sibylle Hofter