GSD teams contribute to affordable housing discussion in Boston

Teams of GSD students took first and second prize in the Greater Boston Affordable Housing Development Competition 2014, tackling issues of housing affordable to those with a median household income. Members of the first prize team are Hans Buder, Thomas Crowder (MAUD ’14), Timothy Czerwienski (MUP ’14), George Gard (MAUD ’14), Bethany Garver (MAUD ’14), Karina Gilbert (MAUD ’14), Elizabeth Kuwada, Laura Phenix and Thomas Skwierawski (MUP ’14). The second prize team (pictured) included Mabe Garcia, Molly McGowan, Ali Karimi (MArch ’16), Judy Park, Lukas Pauer (MAUD ’14), Jeenal Sawla (MUP ’14) and Weishun Xu (MArch ’15).

Now in its fourteenth year, the Greater Boston AHDC focusses a new generation of thinkers on issues of affordable housing development. By matching graduate students in architecture, business, law, real estate, planning and public policy with professionals, the competition provides the opportunity to combine classroom experience with real-world practice to spark innovative ideas. Students learn the multilevel process of design and production and the value of partnering with housing organizations to address the need for affordable housing.