“Form and Pedagogy” released by Druker recipient Carlos Garciavelez

Carlos Garciavelez (MAUD ’12), recipient of the 2012 Druker Traveling Fellowship and lecturer in urban planning and design, culminated his research with the release of a book titled Form and Pedagogy: The Design of the University City in Latin America (ARD 2014). 

About the book:

Of the 20th-century large-scale design interventions inscribed into the Latin American city, the university campus is the most salient symbol of progress. The academy became an epicenter of twentieth-century architectural and urban experimentation and a unique urban development within major Latin American cities. The project examines the design and legacy of the principal Latin American campuses built in the past 60 years. Furthermore, the project traces the continental and transcontinental design influences that shaped these grounds, and map their spatial evolution. Finally, it explores the relevance of the autonomous university campus as an urban development pole in the city.

The publication, by singling out the architectural value of each campus and pairing it with texts from influential Latin American architectural historians raises a unique awareness about the state of these grounds in order to equalize the conservation policies for each of these institutions, which today are unbalanced from campus to campus, and in some instances, from building to building within a single university.