Landscape architecture team wins Open Space Planning competition

Alistair McIntosh, lecturer in landscape architecture, along with Marissa Angell (MLA ’15), Ian Brennick (MLA ’15), and Skip Burck (MLA ’85) were awarded first place in the Connect Kendall Square Open Space Planning Competition sponsored by the City of Cambridge. The design team, led by Skip Burck of Richard Burck Associates, Landscape Architects in Somerville, proposed a framework plan to connect Kendall Square and the surrounding neighborhoods to the Charles River and to four new parks located within the district using a ‘dendritic pattern’ of pedestrian circulation and water movement. The proposal integrates strategies of water quality management and social access to create new connections to the civic and landscape resources of Cambridge. Angell and Brennick produced a sequence of images that described the environmental character and experience of the Richard Burck Associates proposal.

For more information, visit the Connect Kendall Square competition website.

Competition image by Marissa Angell and Ian Brennick, courtesy of Richard Burck Associates.