Latent (e)Scapes by Christina Leigh Geros (MLA/MAUD 15) on display in Radcliffe Yard

Harvard Graduate School of Design grad Christina Leigh Geros (MLA/MAUD ’15) recently won the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study’s biennial Public Art Competition with her project “Latent (e)Scapes,” now on display at the Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach Garden in Radcliffe Yard.

Geros’s installation comprises thousands of 1/8-inch acrylic rods, embedded with LEDs and hooked up to sensors. During the day, the rods blend into the surrounding yellow-green grass. Then, at night, the embedded LEDs transform the garden into a glowing landscape that responds to its surroundings, the tubes shifting in both color and intensity.

Geros’s installation was unveiled in late May and was recently profiled by the Harvard Gazette.

Photo by Kevin Grady, Radcliffe Staff Photographer