Bechthold publishes new book “Ceramic Material Systems”

Martin Bechthold (DDes ’01), Kumagai Professor of Architectural Technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, recently published the book Ceramic Material Systems in Architecture and Interior Design with Anthony Kane (MDes ’09) and Nathan King (DDes ’13), who were Bechthold’s students during their GSD studies.

Bechthold, Kane, and King launched the book at the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities on Wednesday, February 3.

Among other topics, the book explores how innovations in material technology, production methods, and assembly systems have enabled architectural ceramics to transcend the realm of decoration and to take shape as facades, roofs, and interior walls. Bechthold, Kane, and King provide a rigorous background of the materials and associated technologies as well as inspiration from contemporary buildings using ceramic systems, along with an overview of emerging ceramic technologies and research.

The book is supplemented with a descriptive and critically commented listing of the most interesting and innovative ceramic products on the market today, ranging from interior tile products to complex active façade systems and roof products.

Bechthold is coauthor of Structures and Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing as well as the author of Innovative Surface Structures.