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Professor Martin Bechthold advises students at Autodesk's BUILD Space in Boston

The global challenges we face are more pressing than ever. Whether it is social equity or sustainability, public health or transportation, the Harvard University Graduate School of Design shapes the future design leaders who will address these complex issues. With a legacy of preparing critical thinkers and practitioners, the GSD has remained focused on a transformative, project-based, and solution-oriented model of teaching.

You can help the GSD attract the most talented students to the Harvard community. Replete with diverse backgrounds and experiences, they are broad-thinking, intellectually rigorous, innovative students who will be the next generation of design leaders.

Your donation to the GSD Fund provides immediate support to these students to participate in the activities and experiences that are hallmarks of a GSD education. We invite you to invest in GSD students to give them the opportunity to freely create and apply design solutions for the challenges our society faces today and in the future.

This spring we asked a few current GSD faculty members who are also alumni of the School to speak about how the GSD is uniquely preparing graduates to address some of the most complex issues facing our world today, and what drew them back to the Harvard. Read what they had to say:

Students working at their desks. Fall 2015
Megan Panzano (MArch ’10), design critic in architecture

“The intense commitment that characterizes the GSD is what made me most honored and excited to return as a faculty member. This includes the dedication of the School to student growth, as well as the diligence and creativity of the students. From seminars to option studios to research funding, the offerings to students at the GSD stay current and relevant with an incredible array of in-depth possible contexts through which to interrogate contemporary global issues.”

Course Number SCI-6463 Instructor Volkan Alkanoglu
Martin Bechthold (DDes ’01), Kumagai Professor of Architectural Technology and director of the doctor of design program

“Our students come from a diversity of backgrounds and a range of design disciplines. They become leaders beyond the world of design, taking design thinking and methods into different domains to advance ideas of innovation for society. They acquire the ability to understand the architecture of a problem and reframe it to develop innovative solutions.”

STU-01602 Jakarta: Models of Collective Space for the Extended Metropolis Studio Trip
Felipe Correa (MAUD ’03), associate professor of urban design and director of the master of architecture in urban design program

“As the world becomes inherently more urban, it is essential to train architects, landscape architects, and urban planners who can engage, analyze, and project for the diverse scales and constituencies of cities and regions. The GSD’s strong legacy in design education makes it an ideal academic setting in which to investigate the role of design across a wide variety of scenarios.”

Broadway Shuffle at Madison Square: The Surface is Alive
Gary Hilderbrand (MLA ’85)
, professor in practice of landscape architecture

“My commitment to the School stems from my rich experience as a student. I had great teachers and amazing classmates, many of whom are still my friends. It was eye-opening and affirming. I hope I’m able to give our students comparable opportunities for socially relevant work in the field.”

Holly Samuelson (MDES ’09, DDES ’13)
, assistant professor of architecture

“GSD students have the capacity to institute real change in our industry. They have a knack for questioning the questions, thinking broadly about problems, and seeking solutions from multiple disciplines.”

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