Strong GSD showing in 2017 regional LafargeHolcim Awards

Territorial Figure in Argentina

Stefano Romagnoli (MLA ’19) and co-authors received a “Next Generation” first prize for their project “Territorial Figure in Argentina: Tidal energy landscape.”

A variety of Harvard Graduate School of Design faculty and alumni have found themselves honored by the annual LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction, an international competition that seeks projects and visions in sustainable construction irrespective of scale. The LafargeHolcim Awards are administered by the LafargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction based in Switzerland.

A GSD student also triumphed in the “Next Generation” branch of awards, geared toward current architecture students. Stefano Romagnoli (MLA ’19) and co-authors received a “Next Generation” first prize for their project “Territorial Figure in Argentina: Tidal energy landscape.”

The LafargeHolcim Awards are divided into a regional and a global phase. The administration opens with five regional competitions, seeking entries allocated to region based on project location: Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

This fifth cycle of the LafargeHolcim Awards attracted 5,085 entries by authors in 121 countries. The results of the regional phase have now been announced for the Middle East Africa, Europe, and Latin America regions; North America and Asia Pacific winners will be announced later this year, according to the foundation.

Projects awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award in each of the five regions are subsequently qualified for the Global LafargeHolcim Awards competition. As the Foundation writes, these finalists are evaluated by a panel of independent experts of international stature engaged in the sustainable development of society, building processes, and building projects. The Global LafargeHolcim Awards Jury will meet in Zurich in March 2018.

The Global LafargeHoclim Awards Jury consists of: Alejandro Aravena (head of jury), David Adjaye, Xuemei Bai, Hashim Sarkis (MArch ’89, PhD ’95), Stuart Smith, Werner Sobek, Rolf Soiron, Brinda Somaya, and Marc Angélil.

The following GSD faculty and alumni have been honored with regional awards in the 2017 LafargeHolcim cycle for the regions of Europe and Latin America.

Acknowledgment prize, Europe: “An ecological approach to archaeological sites,” by Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea (MArch ’02), AGi architects, Madrid, Spain

Acknowledgment prize, Europe: “Radical Archaeology in Switzerland: Roman settlement excavation center Augusta Raurica,” by Ünal Karamuk (MArch ’03) and Jeannette Kuo (MArch ’04), Assistant Professor of Architecture, Karamuk Kuo Architects, Zurich, Switzerland

Gold prize, Latin America: “Hydropuncture in Mexico,” by Loreta Castro Reguera (MAUD ’10), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico (with Manuel Perló Cohen) 

Silver prize, Latin America: “Community Capital in Brazil,” by Sol Camacho (MAUD ’08), Davalos – Raddar, São Paulo, Brazil (with Jonathan Franklin, Exxpon, São Paulo, Brazil)

Acknowledgement prize, Latin America: “Affordable housing neighborhood with integrated workspaces,” by Adèle Naudé Santos (MAUD ’63), MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism, Cambridge, MA

Acknowledgement prize, Latin America: “Socio-Spatial Governmentality in Costa Rica,” by Edgar Mora Altamirano (MPA ’14), Municipality Curridabat, Curridabat, Costa Rica, with: Irene García Brenes, Municipality Curridabat, Curridabat, Costa Rica; Erick Calderón Acuña, Tándem Arquitectura, San José, Costa Rica; Alvin Soto Bolaños, Tándem Arquitectura, San José, Costa Rica; Antonio Salas, Yuso Proyectos, San José, Costa Rica