Students, Faculty, Alumni Honored with 2020 Boston Society of Landscape Architects Awards

Image of trash in water

“From Trash to Fish” by Xue Bai (MLA '23)

Harvard University Graduate School of Design students, faculty, and alumni are among those to receive 2020 BSLA Design Awards from the Boston Society of Landscape Architects. The awards honor projects that show a “demonstration of excellence and reflect the careful stewardship, wise planning, and artful design of our cultural and natural environment.” In order to be considered for the award, projects, students, or landscape architects had to be located in Massachusetts or Maine.

The GSD student awardees are:

Xue Bai (MLA ’23) for “From Trash to Fish” with a Student Merit Award


Anson Ting Fung Wong (MLA ’19) for “Stone Wall Trees 2040—Hong Kong” with a Student Merit AwardDiagram of stone wall tree removal

Estello-Cisdre Raganit (MLA ’19) for “Returning to the River: Water as Public Space—San Agustin Amatengo, Oaxaca, Mexico” with a Student Merit AwardIllustration of intervention

Tam Banh (MArch, MLA ’18) for “Water Assemblage—Mekong Delta, Vietnam” with a Student Honor AwardAxonometric View

Amanda Ton (MLA ’19), Wei-Hsiang Chao (MAUD ’20), and Xin Qian (MAUD ’19) for “Mobility is Equality—Los Angeles, California” with a Student Honor AwardTimeline of L.A. mobility

Tina Yun Ting Tsai (MLA ’20) for “Right to Remain—Willis Wharf, Virginia” with a Student Excellence AwardAxonometric view of waterfront prototype

GSD faculty and alumni were among the professionals awarded by the BSLA. GSD affiliated winners include:

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