August 14 – August 25, 2023

The Department of Architecture offers an Architecture Core Prep workshop to incoming Architecture students. This workshop is required for any entering Master in Architecture student who finds the requirement listed on their “Application Status Page”.

The course is an intensive overview of design methodologies essential to the Core Studio sequence at the GSD. Organized around two exercises, the course introduces the production of architectural form as an intellectual activity imbricated with the full scope of architecture’s spatial, political, and social effects. Although not primarily a technical course, students will also learn the fundamentals of Rhino, V-Ray, Illustrator, and the Adobe Suite as they produce a representations that build in complexity from simple line drawings to amalgamations of multiple techniques and media. This progression will also serve as a frame for systematically introducing the GSD’s facilities, including the woodshop, laser cutters, 3D printers, CAD/CAM facilities, and computing resources.

The Architecture Core Prep Workshop course curriculum is developed by the GSD faculty and overseen by the Department of Architecture. No academic credit is given for the course.

The $500 fee for the course will be automatically charged to the term bill of students required to take the course.

View a sample syllabus.

A draft of the current year’s syllabus, along with other details, will be sent to you prior to the start of the workshop. Please plan for sessions to start at 9AM on Monday, August 14. The workshop will meet on weekdays from August 14th to August 25th. Further information about the schedule and timing of sessions will be sent out in the weeks prior to the workshop. Participants are expected to have a laptop on the first day of the workshop.

If you have questions, please contact Nicole Lasko, Architecture Program Manager.