A Project a Day: Architectural Tours

Instructor: Rex Tzen (Coordinator), MArch I
Max Enrollment: 15
Date/Time: Jan 5-16
Location: The Cambridge and Boston area
Head out into the city with a professor to visit iconic spaces and architecture! Professors will take turns guiding students through a project of their choosing, detailing its significance, and engaging questions and conversation. What details should we be noticing? Why is this space important? What is the building trying to do and what is it actually doing? There are no prerequisites. Show up, walk, listen, and engage!
The following tours have been scheduled. Please note, the schedule is subject to change. If this occurs the tour coordinator Rex Tzen will contact participants directly via email.
Tour 1
Date/Time: Jan 5/1-3 p.m.
Tour Lead: Chris Reed
Meeting Location: Science Center Plaza
Tour 2
Date/Time: Jan 7/1-3 p.m.
Tour Lead: Jeffery Burchard
Meeting Location: TBD
Tour 3
Date/Time: Jan 9/1-3 p.m.
Tour Lead: Gary Hilderbrand
Meeting Location: Kresge Quad
Tour 4
Date/Time: Jan 12/1-3 p.m.
Tour Lead: Charles Waldheim
Meeting Location: Gardner Museum
Tour 5
Date/Time: Jan 14/1-3 p.m.
Tour Lead: Carles Muro
Meeting Location: TBD
Tour 6
Date/Time: Jan 15/1-3 p.m.
Tour Lead: Pending
Meeting Location: TBD
Tour 7
Date/Time: Jan 16/1-3 p.m.
Tour Lead: Bobby Pietrusko
Meeting Location: Mathematica
Requirements: n/a
Cost/Materials: Personal transportation to and from sites (Boston/Cambridge area)