Advanced Research Seminar: School for Year 2030

What might American education look like in the year 2030? By that time, today’s newborns will become college freshmen. The task of looking ahead at today\’s American educational system is an opportunity to think the long-range future through collaboration between the disciplines of Design and Education.
In the first part of the seminar, Hashim Sarkis, Chair of the Research Advancement Initiative (RAI Labs), as well as Deborah Jewell-Sherman of the Harvard Graduate School of Education will propose a series of lectures addressing the future of education in relation to school facility typologies, community models, technology, and sustainability.
In the last part of the seminar, students from the Graduate School of Design and the Graduate School of Education will collaborate as "designers" and "clients" in a pedagogical exercise focusing on developing an intervention strategy for an existing Boston school or a design proposal for a new facility. The outcome of this common workshop will be exposed in a final presentation at the end of the seminar.
Prerequisite: Restricted to GSD students enrolled in the RAI labs and HGSE students only.
IRREGULAR meeting schedule:
02/29 9-12 and 2-3
03/07 9-12 and 2-3
03/21 9-12 and 2-3
03/28 9-12 and 2-3
04/04 9-12 and 2-3
04/11 9-12
04/18 9-12
04/25 9-12 Final Review