Architecture Without Content 15: Neon Palladian

In the last few incarnations of Architecture without content, two defining tracks emerged.

On the one hand, we investigated the roots of an architecture of the perimeter in different incarnations of the big box. The big box is a building so big that it defines the immediate context it inhabits. We traced its emergence to the particular scale defined by the American landscape.

On the other hand we re-rooted Architecture without content to its ultimate ancestor: Roman Architecture. In prior studios, the emulation of Roman architecture through early renaissance, Palladian and contemporary examples was the topic of research. In all cases the territorial power of a building that simple, and to a certain extent undefined, was at stake.

In the next studio at the GSD we would like to bring these two tracks together. In a project that continues to investigate the impact of scale, we add an interest in Neo Palladianism, as Palladianism as a defining factor in the early identification of ‘American architecture.’ For that reason the studio will be both formalistic and pragmatic and will try to inflate Palladianism to the scale of the strip: Neon Palladian.

Kersten Geers will be in residence on August 31, September 1, 15 and 16, October 1, 2, 15 and 16, November 5 and 6 and for Final Reviews in December.

David Van Severen will be in residence on September 15 and 16, October 1, 2, 15, 16, 29 and 30, November 19 and 20 and for Final Reviews in December.