Below and Beyond: How Thinking Like a Landscape Architect Can Help Save the World?

This studio aims to propose a near-future scenario for the abandoned underground infrastructures of the subway system of Boston and its vicinity, with focus on Brattle Tunnel under Harvard Square that has been decommissioned since 1960's. Upon speculating the possible role of those empty tunnels/ platforms/portals when networked with purposes, students will be asked to 'design' disposition of subsoil and groundwater that have been commonly extracted for cities' urbanization and prosperity.

The semester will begin with site visit, mapping of abandoned underground/ above ground infrastructures owned by MBTA (1-2 weeks). Then each student will develop a network with a specific purpose related to climatic and social predicament( till mid-review). For the second half of the semester till final review, students will focus on Brattle Tunnel to revitalize the 430 ft long tunnel in association with its urban context.