The intersections between film and architecture have been heavily discussed since the turn of the twentieth century. “Of all the arts,” wrote architectural historian and critic Anthony Vidler “…it is architecture that has had the most privileged and difficult relationship to film.”  

In this course, we will pursue these “privileges” and “difficulties.”  We will explore, simultaneously, cinematic techniques in the service of developing architectural provocations, alongside spatial experiments in the pursuit of embodying architectural fundamentals through compelling visual narratives. In its ability to collapse form, movement, and –  most important –  the notion of time, we will use cinematic space as a laboratory not simply to press against ontological boundaries,  but also as a method to discover new recipes for design thinking and processes.

The course will be structured around a series of progressive exercises that will culminate in a final project. Film screenings with accompanying short written responses and relevant readings will also be required. Basic familiarity with the adobe film editing suites (aftereffects/premiere) is strongly suggested, but not required. However fierce curiosity and the fortitude of patience are prerequisites.

Course enrollment is limited to twelve. Six spots will be prioritized for MDes students in the Art, Design, and Public Domain area, or in the Narratives or Mediums Domains, who select the course first in the lottery.

Please note this course will meet online through 9/15.

The first class meeting will be on Wednesday, September 1st. the rest of the semester, classes will meet during the scheduled time.