Boston Public Art Lab: Producing Ephemeral Civic Interventions

Instructor: Ethan Vogt , Director of Programmingr, ILLUMINUS, AB VES 1997
                    Jutta Friedrichs – Curator of ILLUMINUS, MDes 2012
                    Wendy W Fok – Creative Director of WE- DESIGNS,  LLC, DDes 2016

Max Enrollment: 20

Date/Time: Jan 5 – 15/9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location:  124

Description: Boston Public Art Lab is an intensive 10-day workshop to develop proposals for site-specific art interventions that re-imagine a civic space. Participating students and invited guests will explore the nuances of decisions made by curators, artists, foundations, technicians, city agencies, community leaders, and sponsors as they research and evaluate projects. Of particular focus will be the new expressive possibilities enabled by video, light, and sound projection technologies as well as the emerging opportunities for real-time civic participation using mobile phones (texting, photo sharing, or other social media platforms). The Lab seeks to create lively conversations across disciplines, institutions, and communities to explore the social, cultural, legal, and political context of proposed sites and inventions. Workshops are led by a director, a curator, and a participating artist of ILLUMINUS, a site-specific nighttime contemporary art event that attracted over 30,000 visitors to Boston\’s Landsdowne St as part of HUBweek. Videos of panel discussions, project case studies, original scholarship, and student designs will be accessible in a free online public forum to build support for commissioning new artworks.