Building Technology

Prerequisites: GSD 6202, GSD 6203, and GSD 6205; or equivalent. As the final component in the required sequence of technology courses, this professionally oriented course develops an integral understanding of the design and construction of buildings and their related technologies: structural, constructional, and environmental. Building on fundamentals covered in GSD 6203, Building Construction, the course looks in detail at examples of innovative construction techniques in wood, steel, and concrete structures. It also demonstrates the context in which technological innovation takes place by exploring the relationship of the design and construction participants. Class meetings concentrate on case studies of recent buildings, which students are expected to study prior to class meetings. Detail drawings as well as issues of project and construction management are introduced for discussion. A term project is due at the completion of the course. Computer applications on structures, construction, environmental control systems, and project management are an integral part of the course.This course, 6230, was previously offered as 6204.