Computer – Aided Design and Manufacturing & Manufacturing: Design Development

The course will focus on the use of CATIA in relation to the design development process. Students will complete a series of required introductory exercises, present a seminar topic, and complete a final This course explores the characteristics and use of digital design environments, e.g., CATIA, that are widely used computer-aided design and manufacturing applications (CAD/CAM) in architecture and other design and production industries (e.g., automotive, aerospace). These digital tools are used in the design development, component manufacturing, and construction control phases of a project that occur after preliminary design stages. Characteristics of CATIA and similar solid and surface modeling systems to be explored include their hierarchical organization and related parent-child relationships. Via the use of parent-child relationships, design changes and parametric variations can be made at will and propagated through a whole system. These environments also support parametric modeling based on specified local constraints, feature-based design approaches, and application modeling (e.g., sheet metal). Particularly important are assembly-modeling capabilities for creating complex systems of inter-related parts. Top down or bottom up design approaches is supported. A variety of other capabilities will also be addressed, including structural modeling, exporting digital modeling into CAM environments, the use of three-dimensional digitizing systems to create initial design models, rapid prototyping systems for design confirmation, and specific design development tools, such as those used in steel fabrication.project that focuses on the development of a detailed parametric model suitable for use in the design development stages of a project.Prerequisites to this course include GSD 2107 or equivalent, completion of the building technology sequence at the GSD or equivalent. Familiarity with Rhino or 3dStudio is highly desirable but not required. GSD 6400: CAD/CAM: Fundamentals is not a prerequisite, and both courses may be taken concurrently if desired. Either GSD 6319 or GSD 6400 is a prerequisite for GSD 6320 offered in the spring term. iCommons See further information on the course listing in the iCommons courseware. The page in iCommons includes more detailed information about the course content, schedule, prerequisites, and assignments. It also includes links to a website containing a gallery of last year\’s student work, and further links to descriptions of the GSD\’s CAD/CAM facilities.