Computing Fantasy: Imagination, Invention, Radical Pedagogy (Munari / Rodari / Calvino) (at FAS)

Built around three seminal 20th century figures–the artist-designer Bruno Munari, the writer-educator Gianni Rodari, the novelist Italo Calvino–the course aims to explore structural, combinatory, and generative thinking about storytelling. It combines the study of literary theory and history, literary works such as folktales and children's stories, and computer-assisted creation employing both textual and visual generative AI tools. By the end of the semester, the class will result in the creation of a well crafted, curated, and edited volume of AI folktales.

This course is jointly offered with FAS as COMPLIT 200 and ROM-STD. Please see these listings for classroom information.

GSD students who wish to enroll in this limited enrollment course will need to obtain instructor consent. When attempting to enroll, students will be asked to submit a brief statement explaining their motivation for taking the course. If approved, students can then proceed with enrolling. Please contact the instructor with questions.