COURSE FULL – Figure Drawing: Improve and Expand on Skills

Anne McGhee
Jan 15 and 17 (T,R) / 2:00-5:00
7 Sumner Rd. Room 402
Many architects and designers no longer draw. Yet drawing and design are the same word in French and Italian. ( Dessein – dessein; disegno-disegno.) Drawing is critical to thinking in design. It is thinking through the hand. This workshop gives a student a chance to develop his drawing skills by working directly from a figure model .We will focus on gesture, line,values, light and shadow , form and space. If there is time we will venture into color with pastels. Like a sport drawing requires practice . This class will meet several times a week for two weeks.It will be beneficial to anyone at any level of previous experience. This workshop will help a student see and thus to draw both the outer world and the inner world of his imagination
18" x 24" newsprint pad (not slippery kind of paper)
Vine charcoal (soft, medium, hard)
Kneadable Erasers