COURSE FULL – LEED Certification Preparation

Scott Simpson and Emma Corbalan of KlingStubbins
Jan 14-18 (M,T,W,R,F) / 11am -1pm
KlingStubbins, One Broadway in Kendall Square
Course Description: The LEED certification preparation course is designed specifically for GSD students during Jterm. The class sessions will include highlights from LEED v. 3 (released in April 2009), focusing on the Green Building Design and Construction Guidelines, describing the correlation to the Interior Design and Operations & Maintenance Guidelines.
Independent and/or group study outside of class is recommended.
Those completing this course should be able to successfully complete the LEED exam, earning LEED Accredited Professional Status.
Exam Information:
LEED Green Associate, Exam application fee: $50
LEED Green Associate, Exam fee: $150 per exam appointment (student price)
LEED AP*, Exam application fee: $100
LEED AP*, combined exam fee (Green Associate + Specialty exam): $450 per exam appointment
*Work experience on a LEED project required for LEED AP eligibility.
‘Green Building Design and Construction Reference Guide, 2009 Edition,’ provided by GSD.