Critical Perspectives

This is an intermediate course in drawing, open to landscape, urban design, and architecture students (also MDes). The initial intent of the class is to teach students to draw, to be able to see, to translate the scene into the language of drawing, and to completely immerse students in this process. Through a series of exercises, drawing from nature (on site) and from the model, the student will begin to experience shape, form, values, and a feeling of space. Having acquired these tools we will then go on to problems of representing various stages in the design process. The students will experience the metamorphosis of an idea from rough sketch to finished drawing. In the process we will explore a range of drawing media: charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, pastel, and watercolor. The hope is to develop new modes of working to think through representing projects in studio. This includes experimentation with drawing and computer generated images. Throughout the class, we will be studying the work of artists from all periods of history. Hopefully, we can expect visits from several outside artists, illustrators, and designers to enliven the class with discussion of their work and with demonstrations. Visits to other artist\’s studios, galleries, museums, and various sites is also anticipated. Since we will be drawing at our first class meeting, students need to bring the following materials to the first class: 18\’ x 24\’ Newsprint Pad (not slick) Vine Charcoal: hard & medium Kneaded Eraser Charcoal Sharpener Emery Board Soft Graphite Pencil & Small Pad