Design Survivor: Experiential Lessons in Designing for Desirability (at SEAS)

SEAS Engineering Sciences 22.
Catalog Number: 87699

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Multi-disciplinary course for students interested in designing products and services that are simple, irresistible, delightful, cool, covetable, viral, and, increasingly in today’s day and age, much more likely to be successful. Students study real world cases of how organizations (e.g., Apple, Gucci, Swarovski) strategically design for desirability. In weekly design challenges, students use analogical transfer to apply these insights to diverse industries and target markets (e.g., health literacy campaigns, declining technologies, the future of luxury). Weekly critique panels with experts enable students to develop their own design point of view and to finish with a diverse design portfolio.

Limited Enrollment: Permission of instructor required. Students should attend the first class meeting with a Petition to Add Limited Enrollment Course in hand.