Designing Peace: Envisioning the Future Jerusalem

Karen Lee Bar Sinai, Yehuda Greenfield-Gilat, and Chen Farkas
Jan 7-10 (M,T,W,R) / 9:00-5:00 and Jan 11 (F) / 9:00-1:00
Architecture and Planning may seem to be of little relevance to Conflict Resolution. However, territorial conflicts occur in space, and so are their solutions. It is time architects, planners and policy makers approach disputed territories together to plan viable, peaceful futures for disputed areas.
This workshop invites you to join an exploration of how design can aid envisioning peace in conflicted territories. We will explore the possible meaning of Resolution Planning – originally a concept and practice developed by “SAYA/Design for Change” * ( . Together we will try to give broaden this term, and find new ways to encourage policy makers to think as architects, and to encourage architects to think as policy makers. The 5 day solution-oriented workshop will focus on Jerusalem as a case study for other contested cities such as Belfast and Nicosia. We will plan, think and design at various scales, and propose innovative ideas for peace. Several sites will serve as case studies (one will encourage a landscape intervention, another an urban design strategy, and a third will call for a more general policy oriented vision for the future Jerusalem seam-line). The workshop is planned to be followed by a publication.
As we wish to encourage multi disciplinary thinking, the enrollment is open to Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Planning and Public Policy students. The workshop will be led by SAYA’s team, and combine lectures by experts, studio work, and a final presentation panel.
For Details, contact Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, Loeb Fellow, GSD: [email protected]