Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies II

In the first 3-week segment of the course, Peter Del Tredici will cover the characteristics and modification of soils in natural as well as built environments, giving as much emphasis to the biological aspects of soil as to its chemical and physical properties. He will also cover the topics involved with the formation, structure and development of soils, plant nutrition, nutrient cycling, soil testing, and soil biology. The final 3 weeks of the course, also taught by PDT, will focus specifically on soil, drainage and contamination issues in the urban environment including planting strategies for urban trees. It will also examine the latest design applications and technical specifications for landscape soils in a variety of contemporary design situations, including rooftops. Laura Solano will teach the middle 6 weeks of the course and introduce the concepts of grading and topography by threading together how land has been used and presented through history, art, landscape design and technology. This approach, which is intermingled through all aspects of learning to grade sites, expands the topic from important problem solving to understanding the means for shaping the physical and psychological experiences that connect us to our surroundings. The core mission of this class is to teach students to use topography to support poetic aspects of design while building confidence in prosaic but essential technical skills, The characteristics of contours, universal grading terminology and formulas, drainage patterns, slope stability, accessibility issues and sustainable practices related to earthwork will also be taught. Schedule:The course will meet from 3-4:30 PM on Tues/Thurs when Peter Del Tredici teaches, and 3-6PM on Tues/Thurs when Laura Solano teaches. Week 1, Jan 25 & 27: PDT: 3-4:30Week 2, Feb 1 & 3: PDT: 3-4:30Week 3, Feb 8 & 10: PDT: 3-4:30 & LS 4:30-6Week 4, Feb 15 & 17: LS: 3-6Week 5, Feb 22 & 24: LS: 3-6Week 6, Mar 1 & 3: LS: 3-6Week 7, Mar 8 & 10: LS: 3-6Week 8, Mar 22 & 24: LS: 3-6Week 9, Mar 29 & 31: LS: 3-6Week 10, Apr 5 & 7: LS: 3-6Week 11, Apr 12 & 14: PDT: 3-4:30Week 12, Apr 19 & 21: PDT: 3-4:30Week 13, Apr 26: PDT field trip 3-6