Feeling and Form

Course will explore problems of perception of space and time and the structures of experience. We will look at historical modernist forms of experiment and the modification of perception in art (and other) practices and develop a set of hypotheses to test in constructed work or environmental interventions. We will work with, and somewhat in the mode of, the Eliasson studio and school in Berlin. We will explore ideas in neuroscience, sports, music, religious practice, and any place where modification of the body\’s nervous system and perceptual capacities are exploited to produce exploitable effects. We will look at art, architectural, landscape and a host of other phenomena and cultural practices from the past 30 years. 

There will be a five day trip to Berlin as part of this course. Students will be term billed $300 and will also be responsible for the cost of any meals and incidentals. The proposed trip is scheduled to take place in February (sometime between the 7th and 17th). 

Course will meet Thursday mornings.  This course will demand more than average commitment and participation and will likely meet at a second time as well (to be established with the group). Course will be comprised of readings, lectures, workshops, experiments, documentations, coordination with Berlin counterparts, preparation of public materials, etc. (You may think of it as a mini-studio.)