Field Studies in Real Estate, Planning, and Urban Design: Seattle, WA and Boston

The Field Study course is designed to provide students an understanding of the dynamics and complexities of reality that create contemporary urban physical environments. The course emphasizes the integration of design and development aspects of projects that respond to realistic market demand, political, financial and other regulatory constraints – how financial implications affect planning and design and vice versa.  It is intended for real estate professionals, architects, urban/landscape designers and planners, to broaden their understanding of urban development issues and public-private development problems, as well as to improve their skills in design and financial analysis.  This year there will be two field studies: Seattle, WA and Framingham, MA.  The focus of the field studies will be redeveloping Interbay, the BNSF Railyards and Fisherman’s terminal in Seattle, and downtown Framingham.  Students will have extensive interaction with local officials and developers in both cities.

Note, a limited number of students will be selected to participate in the Seattle, WA trip via the limited enrollment course lottery. Other enrolled students will participate in the Framingham field study.  Seattle students will be term billed up to $200 and are responsible for the cost of all meals and incidentals related to the trip, including any change fees related to modifications to set flight itinerary. Students participating in a traveling option studio are not eligible for the Seattle site.

Schedule: This course will meet for the first time on Tuesday, August 29th at 6 PM in room 124. The meeting Tuesday night will last about an hour. The goal is to reconfirm who is in the Seattle field study. Those who do not show up or email Professor Peiser their confirmation that they will take part in the Seattle field study will lose their place.  Everyone who is interested in the Seattle field study, especially those with close waitlist numbers, should attend. The Seattle trip takes place September 25-29.