Field Studies in Real Estate, Planning & Urban Design: Hudson Railroad Yards, New York City

The Field Study course is designed to provide students an understanding of the dynamics and complexities of reality that create contemporary urban physical environments. The course emphasizes the integration of design and development aspects of projects that respond to realistic market demand, political, financial and other regulatory constraints – how financial implications affect planning and design and vice versa. It is intended for real estate professionals, architects, urban/landscape designers and planners, to broaden their understanding of urban development issues and public-private development problems, as well as to improve the applicability of their skills in design and financial analysis in the context of urban developments.
This class will be taught jointly with the HBS field studies class. Students will work in teams with HBS, KSG, and HLS students.

Hudson Yards in NYC
The focus of this year’s field study is the New York City’s Hudson railroad yards in Manhattan. Sponsored by the Real Estate Academic Initiative, and working under the guidance of the professors, students will act as professional consultants to provide vision and solutions for redeveloping the railroad yards on the West Side, adjacent to Penn Station. Students will visit the site during the term to meet with stakeholders, consultants, planning officials, real estate professionals and others who can inform the students’ conceptualization of the site. During the semester, investigations will include development feasibility studies (market, physical, environmental, and political), site planning, urban design, financing analysis, public/private joint-venture structures and other critical factors affecting the planning, design and development of the project. Students will work initially on master planning for the entire site. They will then select a focal area where they will produce plans, financial analyses, and implementation strategies for the initial phases of development, taking into account public space, affordable housing, retail, employment, and cultural space to create a vital urban destination within one of the most exciting new areas in NYC.

Location: GSD: Gund 109 and HBS: Hawes 202 on alternate class days starting January 31 at GSD
Meeting Time: Thursday 3:00-6:00