Immersive Environments

Immersive EnvironmentsThis course seeks to posit the role of digital media within the broader context of digital practice and to examine generative capacities of the medium to design and communicate ideas in the virtual realm. The seminar will be focusing on the design, creation and simulation of light, material, phenomenon, site and motion across a series of different scales and representations. Investigations will vary in scale, from one to one virtual simulations of materials and details, through interior and architectural scales, to urban and landscape scales. Simulations will be based on the physical modeling of light, materials and phenomenon but representational investigations will explore strategies between verisimilitude and abstraction. The course will include such topics as Large Datasets for Urban, Landscape and Architectural Scale Simulations, Lighting Design and Light Transport Theory, Animation and Cinematography, Compositing and Photo Montage, and HDRI Environment Capture and Generation for Environment and Daylighting SimulationWeekly lab exercises and lectures will provide the foundation for the group\’s collective research and discussion. This format aims to establish a baseline fluency in the medium as well as to provide a point of departure for an in depth semester long research project to be presented during final exam week.3dsmax will be used for the development of iterative workflows, large data sets and content management, animation, cinematography, render management and the creation of supplemental scene geometry. Vray will be used for render development, and After Effects will be used for compositing and editing.