Immersive Environments II

This is an advanced seminar exploring the spatial temporal qualities of the built environment through the disciplines of still and moving image.  This seminar will build on topics examined in GSD 2319 and GSD 2107 by extending the scope of both analytic and perceptual models of representation; developing hybrid models for communicating both experience and information; and exploring how moving image affects the perception/reception of the built environment.    The goals of the seminar are: 1) To develop a conceptual attitude and technical instrumentality around the topic of motion design for the built environment.  2) Further the development of analytic models of representation through the exploration of abstract lighting and material palettes, analytic cinematography and annotation & motion graphics.   3) Extend the verisimilitude of perceptual models through the exploration of advanced lighting, materials, site representation, scene population and post production. And 4) to develop a deep understanding of the use of post production for color grading, compositing, lens & environment phenomena and editing. Software includes:  Rhino, 3dsmax, Vray, After Effects, Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Looks, Knoll Light Factory. Prerequisites: GSD 2319, GSD 2223 or similar experience.