In the Details: The Space between God and the Devil

This studio is interested in developing articulated methods of assembly that allow for a dialogue to occur between scales, in both their conceptual logic and through their physical qualities. With this objective in mind, the studio will rely heavily on the making/fabrication of objects that will be used as a vehicle for extracting design strategies applicable to both the design of a building as well as an architectural detail.

As a way of exploring this issue, the studio will begin by developing a series of models involving the placement of an object within a host volume. The intention is to explore relationships between parts—and in particular, through a series of explorations related to the idea of "inlay." As the studio develops, the projects will simultaneously develop a building and a building detail that exploits the ideas developed in the early studies.

As a starting point for the explorations, the studio will exploit the ambiguous characteristics of "inlay." Inlay refers to materials or elements embedded within a different material in such a way that both material surfaces coincide.  While it commonly consists of a primary (typically three-dimensional) object and a secondary (relatively thin) material, its definition does not explicitly call for such a hierarchical approach, nor does it suggest that either of the materials is limited in its three-dimensionality. Sectional objects, for example, often expose elements, giving the impression of an inlay, while in reality that perceived inlay exists as a much larger, more three-dimensional object (but one that has been obscured or distorted as a result of the section cut).  This studio is especially interested in exploring inventive methods of assembly that at times convey their two-dimensional figural qualities and at other times exist as fully three-dimensional elements.

Building Design/Site/Partners: This studio will design a multi-use building approximately 100,000 square feet on a building site located in Los Angeles. Because of the level of development required for the course, partners will be required for the studio.

This course has an irregular meeting schedule.

Jenny Wu and Dwayne Oyler will be in residence on January 18 and 19, February 1, 2, 15 and 16, March 1, 2, 29 and 30, April 12 and 13, and April 30, May 1 or May 2 for Final Reviews.

The instructors will also be available via Skype to account for “off-week” missed time.


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