Innovation in Science and Engineering: Conference Course (at SEAS)

This class integrates perspectives from leading innovators with collaborative practice and theory of innovation to teach and inspire you to be more innovative in your life and career. Our approach is to engage with leaders and learn their perspectives and align this with innovation sprints where you learn the best tools, processes, and methods to innovate. You can see a course overview here  Find out more information on Instagram @engsci139 or
Offered jointly with SEAS as ENG-SCI 139 and ENG-SCI 239. The course will be taught in two sessions per week, each with a different focus. One session will focus on Innovation Perspective and often contain guest lectures by innovators. The second session will focus on Innovation Practice and will contain interactive group work, case studies, and other educational formats about specific innovation ideas and tools. These may be taught on different days or both days, with first-half Perspective and second-half Practice. The course will be held in person. Some classes may be held at alternative times depending on the schedule of guest speakers.

This course follows the FAS academic schedule. Please reference FAS to see start of term information.
Please see the course listing for ENG-SCI 139 for classroom infomration.