InOrganic Assemblies

Computing allows to generate complexity extremely fast. Scripted protocols can now produce with a very limited number of lines of code complex systems such as non linear order/arrangements or simply as a large number of unique parts. On another end physical realization requires most often simplicity or efficiency. Logics of (re)assembling are pushing toward limited amount of diversity or linear sequence of description. The seminar will engage through hands on approach the relation between those two opposite vectors. It will start by exploring scripted techniques and different algorithmic processes (such as recursion for example) to explore and generate complex aggregated systems – while on the same time keep record/track of every parts/elements in relation to the whole but also to its local neighboring. The seminar will push the experiment from the generation of non linear systems to their description into a linear logic of (re)assembly up to the physical realm if possible – pushing for the production of one or several large scale prototypes / installation. Example: Computing: in terms of scripting the seminar will use Rhinoscript (and eventually vb.NET) and will be group oriented in order to allow more time for technical debugging – but also to ease the logistic of (re)assembling. Schedule: given the interest of the seminar to generate physical prototypes using the CNC equipment of GSD it may be necessary to be flexible in terms of schedule – but also to eventually allocate additional sessions. The schedule will be determined by general consensus among students.