Interior Space Thinking

A large part of the experience of Architecture is in the Interior.  True in residential, public, hospitality, and workplace spaces, the functioning Interior can define the very purpose of the building. The objective of this course is to design a residential, workplace, and hospitality interior in the context of cultural, corporate, and individual/group expectations, work, living, and “play” for a specific client.  Students will be broken up into one of three collaborative teams to design one building type per group, with a principal focus of the interior space.  Renderings, models, material boards and other client appropriate presentation methods will be required to elaborate the projects.

We will discuss the issues of Interior Architecture as related to the building considering sub-architecture, exteriors, furnishings, objects, technology, UX, and materiality.  Each project brief should be defined by client need and reinforced by the above design criteria. The course objective for each team will be to define a clear interior brief and execute it in the context of collaborative teamwork, professional practice, and the goals of the client. Evaluation will be based not only on the interior space design, but exemplary communication of three-dimensional ideas to two dimensional clients.
An international group of Designers and Architects will join us virtually each week for a brief discussion of the above design disciplines and their relationship to the interior.