Landscape Representation II

Building on the foundation established in Landscape Representation I, this course seeks to expand on the essential tools and methods required to develop, test, produce and communicate spatial ideas with great clarity.  The course will emphasize the depiction of the ground and the exploration of phenomenological qualities over time.  A series of drawing types, including mappings, plans, sections, elevations, orthographic projections, and perspectives, and hybrids thereof, will synthesize and document the specific approaches explored throughout the semester.   A range of scales will be covered.

Weekly lectures and exercises will provide the basis for investigation, research, and discussion.   This format enables the development of sophisticated drawing and modeling skills through a fluency with digital media; a productive dialogue between the digital and analog; and a close reading of leading graphical representation examples in landscape architecture.

Software Covered: Adobe Suite, Rhino, RhinoTerrain, ArcMap, VRay.