Landscape Technology

This course identifies the processes of landscape detail as they inform the physical production of designed landscapes. The course examines the materials, form, and language of detail as a means not only of developing a design, but as a potential source of design ideas and individual creative expression in landscape architecture.The course is organized into two parts, the first introduces the fundamentals of detail and examines their character and expression, the second considers detail practices, including applications and operations on site.Class exercises further an understanding of detailing, design development, and landscape construction, through literature and field research, the drawn resolution of formal and technical detail problems, and the exploration, craft, and documentation of detail design. The detail development and execution of landscape projects within the procedures and practices of the construction industry are introduced through illustrated case studies and field trips. Texts and sources of literature will be introduced to situate the role of landscape technology within the larger framework of the history, theories, and practice of landscape architecture and site design.