Lisbon: Research on Innovative Boulevards

PREREQUISITE: completion of fall 2010 studio, Rethinking Real and Virtual Infrastructures in the 21st Century: Innovative Boulevards in Lisbon, and permission of instructor.As Fall studio had already acknowledged Lisbon as a good example of a paradigmatic city built upon a system of Avenues and Nodes for intersection. The simulation realised along \”Second Circular\” allows a wider theoretical discussion on the possibility of \”Innovative Avenues\” to face the issues which XXI century is demanding to create a sustainable City.After the conclusions of the Fall Studio seems feasible to establish a more theoretical discussion on: Rethinking the forms of use and design of these large linear spaces of relation within the city is a core theme that will also promote the location of other uses for the abandoned central spaces of the traditional city. We could say that \”yesterday is tomorrow\”, but we have to address and design the new urban forms.The Research will be made up of four blocks of investigations:1. Lisbon\’s emerging Avenues and Nodes.Re-understanding how topography and design can produce new devices for better City.2.- The \”Second Circular\” Avenue as an operative district.Summary of the Design work done during Fall Semester.3. Case-Studies as reference for understanding.4. \”Urban Section\” as explanatory device for the City and its Territory.LOGISTICS: The Research Seminar is aiming to produce a synthesis in format which can be published by the Camara Municipal de Lisboa.Schedule:This seminar will take place when Joan Busquets is in residence during the following dates:- January 18 to 25- February 6 to 15- February 27 to March 8- April 3 to 8- April 17 to 26- April 30 to May 4