Managing the Design Project

The pedagogical objectives of this lecture course, which covers the management of design projects, include: introduction to design project management and leadership, design services delivery, project scoping, budgeting and scheduling, financial planning and management of design services, project scheduling and budgeting; introduction to various project delivery approaches including the traditional approach and alternate project delivery approaches including bridging, fast-track, and integrated project delivery; understanding and coalescing client relationships; leadership of the design and construction processes; project risks and mitigation; agreement analysis and management; and other topics vital to MArch I students and MDesS students in real estate and project management. This course is also valuable to students in urban planning, landscape architecture, the Advanced Study Programs, and others who want to develop their project management skills. The course format includes lectures, case studies, team project assignments, assigned readings and brief written assignments on relevant topics. Expert guest speakers will address specific topics. There will be a midterm paper and a final paper or project in lieu of examinations. Grading will be based on class participation, team project performance, individual written assignments, midterm paper, and the final paper or project.