Methods of Research in Art and Design: A Workshop-tutorial

This workshop focuses on the exploration, elaboration, and development of students’ research and experimentation in projects that intersect the fields of art and design.

In order to inspire, inform, and support the advancement of students’ art and design projects, as well as expand their research interests, this course will offer a systematic review of their work in progress and include presentations and discussions about relevant readings, research, and projects.

Some of the sessions will be conducted with the participation of guest critics, or enhanced by individual and small group tutorials scheduled during or between regular class meetings.

The visits to sites, events, institutions, and organizations relevant to students’ research and projects will become an important supplement to the regular class meetings.

For MDes, as well as for design studio students, the course may also function as a supportive laboratory and discussion forum as they work towards their Qualifying Papers, Final Projects, or Thesis.

This course is open to all GSD programs and MDes concentrations, but Art Design and the Public Domain students are especially welcome and encouraged to join.

Priority enrollment given to MDes ADPD students who must select course in limited enrollment lottery.