Mexico City Studio Option

This course will have an irregular schedule. To be determined.The MX ProjectWe are proposing a project for a site in the historical Centre of Mexico City. This location will provide us with an opportunity to explore questions of sustainable building in a dense urban context on the one hand and to exercise your spatial and material imagination on the other. We will approach the project in five steps from the individual to the more general.1 Personal luxury 2 Visible city3 Mix and Match4 Integrated Structures 5 Sense and SensualityWe will travel to Mexico City on Feb 5th and will spend a week together, to explore the city as if it was a found landscape to be newly inhabited. Your projects will grow out of your experiences and our discussions. We expect strong, individual and experimental proposals to emerge.Louisa Hutton, Matthias SauerbruchJan 28th 2008