Mini MOOCs

Distance learning tools are here to stay. This course will introduce students to make their own mini MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), considering many of them will be involved in academia after finishing their studies.

The subject of each online course will be one single building next to the place where students live. With a strong focus on producing audiovisual core content, they will develop their MOOCs in groups –or small production teams. Architecture footage and interviews will be combined with hand or CAD drawing, digital animation and/or other technologies necessary to express their vision. Experimenting new ways to evaluate in edX platform is also key to the course, considering desktop, handheld and other emerging interfaces.

The semester will start with MOOC case studies. A seminar will come next, hosting relevant figures on fields such as video game design, animation and architecture videography, all of which may contribute to enrich the experience of digital courses. With this know-how, groups will continue developing their mini MOOCs during the rest of the semester.

Instructor: Diego Grass