Mobile Information Unit

Students in last fall\’s course CAD/CAM I have proposed the design for a mobile information unit that is to be built this year. The unit will disseminate information about events at Harvard and its Art Museums to residents of Cambridge, Allston and Somerville, as well as to the Harvard community. As a mobile, trailer-mounted unit it can be relocated to various sites.This seminar starts with the design proposal by the winning group of students. The concept needs to be developed into a robust, rugged system that stands up to exterior conditions while preserving its interactive design qualities. The seminar deals with the design development, preparation of fabrication and prototyping of the unit. Aspects that need further study include material choices, fabrication methods, and various technical issues that relate to the need for an integrated interactive information display system. The question of power supply, for example, needs closer study, possibly involving photovoltaics. Contacts with suppliers and fabricators need to be established. As there is a limited budget cost estimates and cost tracking are essential. Many other technical and process issues will be addressed.Activities in the seminar will involve research, simulations, physical prototyping and fabrication. The group will meet weekly, but independent work is essential between the meetings. The enrollment is limited to 12 students. The number of students admitted through the lottery is going to be smaller, and will be announced during the course presentation. Prerequisites: GSD 6317 CAD/CAM I or equivalent