Never Mind the Aggros – CANCELED

Instructor: Stefan Stanojevic, MArch II
Max Enrollment: 12
Date/Time: Jan 12 – 16/10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Location: Gund L08 (Gropius Room)
Description: Through a number of exercises students will be challenged to tackle the notion of uncertainty almost inevitable during a practical implementation of any design. Instead of looking at ambiguity as a hindrance to original ideas (rapid change of context, program, lapse of other designers, engineers and other professionals), task is to embed the necessity to anticipate changes and let them inform a design. Work will question hermetical integrity of an idea, notion of loose connections over specific ones, heterogeneity, spatial layering, permanence and adaptational skills.
Urban scale:
A pre-made model of a site will be divided into several parts, so the each person gets one. Solving a particular set of problems will allow the participants to develop their attitude towards building upon what is already present, respect or not respect previous decisions and implement new ones while questioning the integrity of their own design. Are the initial ideas strong enough to withstand additions and is it necessary to have that strong of an authority? Can design stay in control while being fluid?
Architectural scale:
A closed spatial form will be divided into parts. The integrity of each individual part is as important as the integrity of the whole. How to design a part without knowing what the rest is doing? Thinking about connection between parts as much as the parts themselves. Managing different programs, approaches and materialities in the same system.
Goal is to tackle this question intensely over a short period of time and create an environment to potentially uncover new sensibilities that will come out of this tinkerer\’s workshop which could be further expanded upon in a studio setting. Possibly an interesting thing to put in a portfolio as a group dynamic experiment experience.
Requirements: No prerequisites
Cost/Materials: $10-40 in basic model making materials