New Natures: Constructing a Brief for Coextensive Networks

This seminar explores the act of brief making for alternative urban landscape assemblies through artefacts generated through film and fabricated models.

New Natures examines various production-based economic ecologies that integrate the virtual and physical, and have the potential to be driven simultaneously by shared economies, social enterprises, and more traditional forms of supply and demand in the urban landscape. This is a design research based seminar that explores techniques and technologies for the examination and modelling of generative forms of analysis and design brief building for alternative unpredictable assemblies of heterogeneous networks where the urban and technical are considered inseparable.

Within the seminar the notion of the post-factual expedition will be utilised as the approach by which these ecologies will be observed and translated. A range of roles constituting the expedition team will be utilized to define a variety of tools and techniques of observation that will by their inherent parameters generate multiple translations of these ecologies to develop the artefacts of the brief; the model and the film.

The seminar will be structured through three key parts; Classification, Measure and Assembly.
? Classification: The observation and collation of existing shared economies, social enterprises and more traditional forms of supply and demand within the food and or energy sector.
? Measure: The measure (matter, time and order) of the relevant complex economic and associated landscape systems
? Assembly: The assembly of protocols for diverse economic structures and their connected landscapes.

Guest speakers will be invited to participate in a small forum on the subject matter and relevant techniques proposed within the seminar. The forum would act as event which discusses the findings of the expedition, a celebratory event which attempts to provide a venue for making connections within the broader discipline.

At the conclusion of the seminar, a suite of fabricated models that capture a range of unpredictable assemblies will be constructed and associated short film narrative produced by all students will be collated into a singular digital format and exhibition.

Learning Objectives:
The seminar will equip students with
? Constructing a design brief through a structured narrative (an operative design brief which identifies the what, why and how) – to be constructed through a very short film
? Generative analytical tools (that question the way of seeing) through the utilisation and capturing conducted through methods of diagramming and the use of the geomorphology table.
? Identifying and developing a set of landscape specific brief protocols through the assembly of the fabricated model

Key concepts & actions
? Classification (order and type)
? Measure (matter, scale and time)
? Assembly (exchange & distribution – forming assemblies)

Outcomes (Course deliverables per student (or in pairs- to be determined)
? The constructed brief through a short film
? The constructed brief through a suite of fabricated models that articulate different assemblies
? Presentation of the brief at course forum