Can there be an architecture that provokes the innate generosity of the human spirit? We think the answer is yes, but only if it’s creator has the personal will, talent, desire, knowledge and curiosity to search for an empowering design born of distinctive origins. 

The aspiration of this studio is to create an environment that sponsors the discovery of self-liberating authorship. To do so, the student must be prepared to, at first, enjoy the freedom of getting lost in a rigorous process that is, by its very nature, seriously fun.

After an initial series of “shared experiences,” each student will designate their own site, then each student will be assigned their own program.

The studio will meet each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is very important that each student “attend” the entirety of these sessions.

As a group we will be looking for creative ways to interact via ZOOM.

GSD students may view additional information on option studios:

Option Studio Presentations

Schedule for Zoom Q&A sessions