Otherness and Canon: Episodes of a Dialogic Reading of the History of Architecture.

In contrast to the debate in other areas such as art or literature – for the explanation of which capitalist expansion is a crucial factor – the canonical narratives of modern architecture ignore the existence of colonialism, imperialism and neocolonialism. In recent decades, voices have been raised against these Occidentalist narratives that either oppose the very existence of the canon, or have successfully raised the need for its expansion from regional, ethnic or gender perspectives. However, the history of architecture has continued to have a monological character, that is: the gestation of the canon continues to be attributed to factors of exclusively Western origin.

Through the use of alternative theoretical notions and the study of a set of episodes, in this course we will try to verify the possibilities of a dialogic reading of that history as a constant dispute between identity and otherness.

This course will be taught online through Friday, February 4th.