Part Animal: Forms of Architecture, Forms of Life

A point of stability, a circle of property, and an opening to the outside –these are the three aspects of the refrain. — DeleuzeDifferentiation in skins are formed, in animate beings, through an inductive signaling that passes through heredity structures. Folding increases borders and edges. — EdelmanInformation is fugitive. Evolution must meet with skills [technologies]. –BatesonThis course will address a wide range of contemporary and historical discussions in architecture, information theory, biology, genetics, political philosophy, and environmental philosophy on the subject of life and form — in order to rethink the relationship between the \”logic of life\” and the logics of architecture. Readings will include Gerald Edelman, Greg Lynn, Evelyn Fox Keller, Richard Lewontin, Bernard Cache, Rem Koolhaas, Gregory Bateson, Norbert Weiner, Rosalind Krauss, Giorgio Agamben, Roger Caillois, Bernard Rudofsky, Reyner Banham, Francois Jacob, Georges Canguilhem, Elizabeth Grosz, Gilles Deleuze, and others.